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Participatory management and integrated planning of exploited fisheries resources are continued and strengthened


Supporting participatory integrated fisheries-resource management systems 4 actions
These actions are designed to ensure the sustainability of marine resources and protect their habitats, by bringing stakeholders into the process of d...
Supporting ranching and reseeding initiatives 3 actions
The goal of this operation is to develop ranching activities with high added-value species along with initiatives to reseed lagoons with fish and inve...
Assessing fishing pressure on reef and lagoon resources 3 actions
This operation has the ambitious goal of assessing fishing pressure on reef and lagoon resources in the three OCTs This assessment will provide indica...
Enhanced understanding of exploited resources 2 actions
This operation focuses on the status of resource stocks and their life cycles (sexual maturity, longevity, growth, migratory or aggregation behaviour,...
Coastal fisheries observatories 3 actions
The goal of the operation is to set up coastal fisheries observatories that will contribute to good marine resource management in New Caledonia and Wa...
Developing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture master plans 2 actions
The goal of this operation is to set up coastal fisheries and aquaculture master plans in order to have consistent and concerted development strategie...
Activity zoning and management 2 actions
This operation designed to develop zoning methods for the islands in French Polynesia so as to: - inform future investors of promising sites for deve...

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Aquaculture techniques that are sustainably integrated into natural settings and suited to island economies are trialled and implemented at pilot scales and then transferred to the rest of the Pacific

Fisheries and aquaculture products are developed as part of a sustainable development approach

Cooperation between the OCTs and between the OCTs and the ACP countries is strengthened and made sustainable through operational, coordination and support mechanisms


Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry

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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

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Invasive species

Invasive species

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