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Mechanisms to monitor and manage certain exotic invasive animal and plant species are implemented to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Setting up an impact monitoring system 2 actions
This operation aims at setting up an impact monitoring system for the benefits of invasive ungulate management initiatives for biodiversity and water ...
Setting up and inter-island/small island environmental monitoring system 3 actions
This operation aims to set up inter-island biosecurity measures to prevent rats from being reintroduced to eradication sites on Wallis and black rats ...
Carrying out invasive ungulate control operations 3 actions
This operation aims at culling invasive ungulates in priority biodiversity and ecosystem service preservation areas. Community support is crucial in a...
Carrying out rat eradication operations 2 actions
Eradicating rats from priority sites on Wallis & Futuna and French Polynesia.
Carrying out IAS control and biodiversity management activities 2 actions
This operation is aimed at managing invasive species in priority areas of the Taputapuatea UNESCO site and restoring the protected landscape. It invol...
Carrying out organic control activities for invasive plant species 2 actions
This operation aims at culling priority invasive species on Wallis & Futuna by using biocontrol agents and protecting native biodiversity.
Carrying out environmental restoration operations 2 actions
Restore ecosystem services to Futuna’s watersheds and protect biodiversity on Wallis by managing priority sites.
Implementing priority pilot operations from the territorial IAS action plan 1 action
This operation is aimed at implementing the pilot operations identified in the Pitcairn invasive species strategy and action plan.

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Biosecurity is enhanced through the development of strategies and action plans to better prevent the introduction of invasive species

Cooperation between the OCTs and between the OCTs and the ACP countries is strengthened and made sustainable through operational, coordination and support mechanisms


Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry

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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

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Invasive species

Invasive species

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