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Viable agroecological systems are validated technically and then shared, and barriers to organic agriculture are removed.


Soil fertility management 3 actions
This operation is designed to improve soil fertility, in particular by stimulating biological activity through composting and co-composting. Different...
Enhancing biodiversity on agricultural lands 6 actions
This operation is designed to support the development of viable agro-ecological systems based on access to healthy plant materials in order to maintai...
Developing and transferring organic-agriculture-friendly biological pest and weed control measures 4 actions
This operation is designed to acquire, consolidate and transfer knowledge and non-chemical techniques and companion plant practices on protecting crop...
Water management in agroecology 3 actions
As part of an agroecological approach to ecological intensification, this operation is designed to optimise the use of natural resources, including wa...
Organic-agriculture-friendly livestock systems 2 actions
This operation is designed to identify, evaluate and share livestock agroecological practices that meet organic certification standards. This requires...
Networking pilot farms using ecological intensification practices in the OCTs 3 actions
This operation is designed to create and direct a network of pilot farms carrying out ecological intensification. These networks will serve to develop...
Removing obstacles to the development of organic agriculture 2 actions
This operation is designed to facilitate access to POS-authorised inputs to those crop and livestock farmers who want to covert to organic agriculture...
Structuring the organic agriculture sector 4 actions
This operation is designed to provide a better understanding of the market, operational support and solutions to the various organic chain stakeholder...

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An integrated forestry, agroforestry and coconut-grove management policy is developed and implemented

Agroecological, forestry and coconut-grove products are promoted

Cooperation between the OCTs and between the OCTs and the ACP countries is strengthened and made sustainable through operational, coordination and support mechanisms


Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry

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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

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Invasive species

Invasive species

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