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Replanting forest stands on the islands of Wallis and Futuna

This operation is designed to carry out pilot forest rehabilitation activities with priority given to local species (invasive species control, site restoration, planting, etc.) Through this action, a series of forest nurseries on the islands of Wallis and Futuna will be supported, particularly on the technical level so as to ensure supply, preferably of local species.

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2 actions

Support for forest nurseries (WF)

This action is designed to identify and support nurseries in order to build the capacities of existing nursery workers and/or project leaders and, in that way, produce local tree species plans for forest stand restoration operations.

Plant local species (WF)

This action is designed to conduct forest rehabilitation operations at pilot sites by involving local communities:
• Preparing land
• Planting
• Site upkeep, particularly invasive species control

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Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry

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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

Coastal fisheries and aquaculture

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Invasive species

Invasive species

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