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Conference on cocoa - Thursday 4 August at 5pm Noumea at SPC

The international expert, Philippe Bastide, will hold a conference organized by the New Caledonian Chamber of Agriculture and Fisheries at the Pacific Community.

The conference subject is "Cocoa in the world and in the Pacific region: what perspectives in New Caledonia?"

This conference is part of a mission by the international expert Philippe Bastide to New Caledonia from 1 to 8 August, the purpose of which is to "support the development of the cocoa sector in association with other high added value species in agroforestry" in New Caledonia.

This action is part of the PROTEGE programme, funded by the European Union.

Who is Philippe Bastide?

An international expert in the "cocoa sector", Philippe Bastide has been designing and supporting projects for over 30 years in some thirty countries (Haiti, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Vanuatu, etc.). After a PhD devoted to the study of phenolic compounds in cocoa beans, Philippe Bastide joined CIRAD and worked to promote technical support for producers of all sizes. His visit is a great asset for the regional development of cocoa bean production.

The conference is free and open to all, subject to availability.

For more information: Communication department of the Chamber of Agriculture and Fisheries: [email protected] - 24 31 62 (Alizée) or 84 54 11 (Vincent)

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