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Aquaculture durable : un kit aquaponie pour produire frais et local

As part of the PROTEGE programme, staff from the Marine Resources Branch (MRB) and the Agriculture Branch (AB) have completed a training course on the operating system of an aquaponics kit. This kit allows us to answer the problem of healthy and diversified food in the context of limited water resources, especially in Tuamotu.

Aquaponics is a technique that works in a closed circuit, like hydroponics, by combining fish farming and market gardening, without the use of fertilizers.

Until now, Polynesian aquaponics was based on exogenous species (Tilapia or Sunfish). The DRM is experimenting with a technique based on Pati (Chanos chanos), a native species known to the Paumotu populations.

Eric ADAMS, a local expert in aquaponics, was selected to set up a demonstration aquaponics kit, and then to train agents from the Department of Agriculture of French Polynesia (DAG) and the Department of Marine Resources of French Polynesia (DRM). Seven agents were able to benefit from a 5-day training course.

Soon, a technical guide will be published to disseminate the assembly protocol and routine operation for the families of the Fenua, especially in Tuamotu, who would like to implement this technique in their fa’apu. This kit allows interested families to produce routinely and on an artisanal scale, about 2 kilos of vegetables per day, or 200g of vegetables per person andper day for a family of 5 people.

Source: Department of marine resources of French Polynesia

Aquaponics kit


Aquaponics training


Aquaponics training
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