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Agriculture and forestry
 - 19 July 2021

Networks of demonstration farms and thematic : new cultivation practices in market gardening tested at Franck Soury Lavergne, farmer from New Caledonia.

Franck Soury Lavergne, farmer of the PROTEGE network of demonstration farms, will host route tests in market gardening on living soil.

The idea is to provide organic matter in significant quantities in order to intensify the cycle of self-fertility and to preserve the soil in vegetable and market gardening systems.

This process, aimed at allowing organic matter to decompose, will activate the biological life of the soil (actions of earthworms and insects), and reduce the contribution of organic fertilizers as well as tillage with each new crop cycle. The idea of market gardening on living soil is to restore in agricultural plots the natural cycle of soil fertility by specific technical routes. Market gardening on living soil is therefore a way to respond to economic (improvement of yields), social (improvement of working conditions) and environmental problems.

The PROTEGE team of the Chamber of Agriculture of New Caledonia, accompanied by partners from the South Province and the REPAIR network, carried out a diagnosis to know the state and structure of its soils, with a "spade" test and the development of a mini profile to have indicators at t0, and follow the evolution.

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