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 - 10 November 2022

Training to improve the safety of people in their work environment

In Wallis and Futuna, work exposing people to certain risks such as handling chemicals and hazardous waste or carrying out manual handling work, handling tools and moving masses are carried out in particular in the public services by maintenance and field agents.

With the support of the PROTEGE programme, training is planned for the agents of the Territorial Environment Service (STE) and the agents of the Circonscription, making it possible to improve the safety of people in their working environment.

In order to implement this action, the STE launched a consultation which selected the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New Caledonia as the service provider for the implementation of these training courses on Wallis and Futuna.

The training courses will take place from 4 to 15 November in Wallis and from 16 to 22 November in Futuna.

Satisfactory feedback has already been received from the agents, indicating their joy at being able to follow this type of training and thus obtain explanations on good practices and safety rules to protect them in their work. The alternation between theory and practice, by visiting the workshops, makes it possible to illustrate and identify the problems linked to health and safety in real conditions.

Testimony of an agent of the Circonscription:

"With this training on health and safety, we realised the importance of safety measures at work, with the application of safety gestures and the use of safety equipment, in order to preserve our health, the health of others and that of our little family. We would like to have more training like this in the future because it is very useful for us who are in the field every day.


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