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 - 15 July 2021

Agricultural water management on Polynesian atolls

Installation of 4 probes measuring the salinity level of the water as well as a rainfall station on Tehei ASINE’s farm.

To optimize the management of agricultural water on the atolls of French Polynesia, the Directorate of Agriculture is conducting, as part of the PROTEGE program, a study to describe and characterize the functioning of the freshwater lens of the atoll of Fakarava. This study takes place within Tehei ASINE’s farm, also a demonstration farm in agroecology of the PROTEGE program.

The Vai-Natura design office, in charge of this work, has recently installed 4 probes measuring the salinity level of the water on this farm as well as a rainfall station.

By means of these devices, the study must make it possible to estimate the reserve of fresh groundwater, to measure and quantify water exchanges, to describe the dynamics of recharge of the aquifer in order to set up a procedure for the sustainable management of the resource.

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