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Closer cooperation

With the lifting of travel restrictions and flights reopening, regional cooperation actions are back with PROTEGE

PROTEGE welcomed in New Caledonia two missions on oyster farming and water resource monitoring.

Twenty delegates, from ADECAL technopole, IFREMER New Caledonia, the Department of Marine Resources (DRM) of French Polynesia and the sea service of the Agriculture Department of Wallis and Futuna, met at SPC headquarters to exchange on oyster farming in the Overseas Countries and Territories. Workshops on the field were organized to share experiences and expertise on methods and regulations

As for the water component, the first session of hydrometry companionship took place last week. This action is part of the capacity building of the services of New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna for the acquisition of data required for water management. Three agents from the Wallis and Futuna Environment Department and one agent from the French Polynesia Equipment Directorate (DEQ) met to exchange on the monitoring of water resources, especially the surface and groundwater resources. The Department of Veterinary, Food and Rural Affairs (DAVAR) of New Caledonia welcomed the agents to follow and exchange with the teams in charge of collecting and processing limnimetric (surface water), piezometric (groundwater) and rainfall data.

Oyster farming day of meetings at SPC

Exchange day at SPC on oyster farming

Companionship mission in hydrometry.

Companionship mission in hydrometry.
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