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Training for New Caledonian associations on how to react to a fire outbreak

As part of the PROTEGE project, the New Caledonia WWF office organized a few days ago, in collaboration with the fire brigade of the Mont-Dore Fire and Rescue Centre, a training session for 8 volunteers from the Red Ground socio-environmental association.

As the gateway to the Montagne des Sources, New Caledonia's first natural water catchment area, and a victim of major fires in 2019/2020, the Coulée valley is a major challenge for the preservation of forests and water resources.

In order to preserve this area, the WWF New Caledonia office is organizing a new training session for New Caledonian associations as part of the PROTEGE project, funded by the 11th European Regional Development Fund.

After "Dumbéa Rivière Vivante", this is the second association to benefit from this training thanks to WWF and its partners.

A big congratulations to all!

Copyright photo and text: WWF New Caledonia

WWF - NC - 8 news Caledonian's volunteers trained on how to react to a fire outbreak
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