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PROTEGE Newsletter N°12

Find your new newsletter which covers the months of July, August and September 2022.

In this new newsletter, you will find:

- Mentoring taking place in the European Overseas Countries and Territories of the Pacific,

- Oyster farming in the Pacific, a unifying issue,

- French Polynesia welcomes the European Union's Ambassador for the Pacific,

- the protocol for staining pandanus leaves in French Polynesia,

- the characterisation of honeys / Pollen reference tool in French Polynesia,

- the recovered biodiversityin Wallis and Futuna,

- training to regulate invasive species (IS) in New Caledonia,

and testimonies on synthetic agroforestry, eradication operations in Wallis, training to control IS and a focus on the missions of the New Caledonian coastal fisheries observatory.

Enjoy your reading.


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PROTEGE BULLETIN - Number 12 - Pacific Community

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