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The ambassador of the European Union for the Pacific is in Moorea.

Currently on an official visit to French Polynesia, His Excellency Mr Sujiro Seam, Ambassador of the European Union for the Pacific, visited the island of Moorea on Saturday 20th August.

After paying tribute to the victims of the plane crash of August 9th 2007 in Moorea, the delegation, composed of representatives of the country and the commune as well as the Pacific Community / PROTEGE project, went to the Opunohu estate in order to visit the achievements of the INTEGRE and PROTEGE projects as well as the territorial budgetary support financed by the European Union (actions carried out at the agricultural high school, marae health trail etc.).

The syntropic agriculture plot, planted by New Caledonian and Polynesian farmers who are members of the PROTEGE agroecology demonstration farm network, was visited and explained at the Moorea agricultural high school. This action, carried out in June 2022, allowed the transfer of skills between New Caledonia and French Polynesia in the framework of the PROTEGE project.

The delegation then visited the Nuuroa wastewater treatment plant (STEP) and the Te Fare Natura eco-museum. Finally, the ambassador was able to appreciate the beauty of the Moorea lagoon, the jewel of the Windward Islands, as part of the tourism strategy implemented by the country.

Visit of the European Union ambassador for the Pacific to Moorea.

Visit of the European Union ambassador for the Pacific to Moorea.

Visit to an agricultural facility in Moorea.

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