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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture
 - 30 September 2022

Two final trainings on sea cucumbers

On Monday 7 and 8 November, the last two trainings on sea cucumber identification will be given. Register now!

In order to contribute to the sustainable exploitation of sea cucumbers in New Caledonia, the PROTEGE project, in partnership with HRT, is opening a training session to learn how to identify them in their natural environment, as well as in a processed state (salted, dried).

This training will take place over a good half-day (8.30am-1pm) in Dumbéa, in the processing workshop of Mr. Wigrial Mouzin.

It is offered to control agents (nature guards, fisheries managers, SIVAP, customs, gendarmerie...).

If you are interested, please register by October 4th at the latest by email: [email protected]

This action is conducted in partnership with the FAME division of the SPC.

Copyright Photo: Bastien Preuss

Crédit photo : Bastien PREUSS - projet PROTEGE CPS
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