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Coastal fisheries and aquaculture
 - 01 September 2022

Fisheries and regional cooperation between Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia

During a mission in Tahiti, the team from the Wallis and Futuna fisheries department has visited French Polynesia in order to collaborate and exchange on several actions.

As part of the "marine monitoring toolkit" adaptation project, led by the C2O consultancy firm and funded by the Pacific Fund, 3 agents from the fisheries department of the Directorate of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries travelled to Tahiti to exchange with C2O and their counterparts from the Directorate of Marine Resources, the French Office of Biodiversity and the Criobe.

The toolkit was first developed as part of the RESCCUE project in Vanuatu, with the aim of enabling local communities to better manage local coastal resources.

The workshop aimed to present the toolkit in detail to managers in Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia and to work on adapting the toolkit to the two territories.

The toolbox offers different modules (catch monitoring, invertebrates, reefs, sea grass and mangroves, etc.) which can be easily implemented at community level (villages, associations, schools, etc.). The C2O consultancy will then come to Wallis in February 2023 to train the stakeholders (service agents, schools, associations, fishermen, villages...) to use the toolbox.

In the continuity of this mission, the Wallis and Futuna fisheries department and the French Polynesian Directorate of Marine Resources (DMR) then exchanged on various actions carried out within the framework of the PROTEGE project.

The team was able to discover and discuss the various aquaculture models developed by the DRM in the sectors of:

- aquaponics,

- oyster farming,

- integrated multi-trophic mesosome aquaculture (macroalgae - shrimp or paraha peue - oysters).


Exchanges between the DSA WF and the DRM PF.

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