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Agriculture and forestry
 - 19 July 2021

Workshop presenting the diagnosis of the Food Systems sustainability in New Caledonia

A fruitful day bringing together many exchanges concerning the sustainability of food systems in New Caledonia.

Many participants from civil society, the business community and the administration gathered at the Pacific Community (SPC) on July 6th to work on the diagnosis of the sustainability of the Caledonian food system.

At the end of the restitution of the work, the actors were split in breakout groups to disccuss and work on the issues, objectives and perspectives. A very rich day !

Rebroadcast of plenary sessions :

First results and restitution of the diagnosis in New Caledonia : (Code : cM4%=kJ^) Click HERE

Presentation of the mapping of initiatives and presentation of the next steps : (Code : [email protected]) Click HERE

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