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Agriculture and forestry
 - 03 June 2021

The Trophies of Agro-Ecology - Regional awardee for New Caledonia

The objective of the "Trophies of agro-ecology" is to honor innovative approaches, individual or collective, exemplary of an agriculture that is both productive and respectful of the environment and the people who support it.

The DAFE of New Caledonia invited Caledonian farmers to participate to the Trophies of Agro-Ecology, a national competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in local partnerships with Crédit Agricole, the Chamber of Agriculture of New Caledonia, Crédit Agricole Mutuel, Groupama Pacific, the South Province, the Pacific Community and students of the Agricultural High School Michel Rocard.

The Trophies particularly reward agroecological approaches that have a positive impact on the environment and are economically viable, demonstrating a productive, competitive way of farming based on services provided by nature.

This Monday, May 3rd, the jury of New Caledonia has designated the regional awardee of the Trophies of agro-ecology for New Caledonia: ithe Agricultural and Pastoral Civil Society of Gomen, the cattle ranch of Mr. René MARLIER at Kaala-Gomen. He will therefore represent New Caledonia in the national competition, the jury of which should meet by the end of June for the "Collective Approach Grand Prix".

This year, the PROTEGE project joined this approach by rewarding the Caledonian project that is most resilient to climate change: the special PROTEGE prize was awarded to the WAIHMENE farm located in Lifou.

Find out more: the NC 1ère channel dedicated the television news of 24/05/2021 to the Trophies of agro-ecology [from 7'10 up to 13'56]

Jury of New Caledonia
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