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Agriculture and forestry
 - 17 October 2022

Protocol for colouring pandanus leaves from dye plants

The Department of Agriculture and the University of French Polynesia visited Rurutu and Rimatara to report on the work carried out by Emilie Stierlin on Polynesian dye plants for colouring pandanus, a material used for making baskets, hats, peue, etc.

After a bibliographical search, the plants selected for their availability and accessibility are pawpaw leaves for the green colour, turmeric for the yellow, lipstick tree seeds for the red, pine bark for the brown and candlenuts for the black.

The addition of mordant and the variation of cooking times makes it possible to obtain several colour palettes per plant.

In Rurutu, 20 artisans attended the presentation in the Hauti community hall. In Rimatara, the tavana Artigas HATITIO and 22 craftsmen were present in the hall of the annexed commune of Amaru.

The DAG warmly thanks Jérome TAPUTU and Jacques TARINA for their help and their availability in the organization of the workshops on site.

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