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Agriculture and forestry
 - 01 June 2021

Mixing cultures and agroecology practices between Wallis & Futuna and New Caledonia

Tui Toafa, farmer of Wallis (WF) and Mickael, farmer of Dumbéa (NC) meet


At Tui Toafa’s in Wallis, the land is beautiful and the weather is perfect for the exchange with Mickael, who came from Nouméa to meet him. Being both members of the network of demonstration farms in agroecology PROTEGE, the goal of this meeting is for Mickael to listen and discover the agricultural practices of demonstration farms in agroecology in Wallis.

Tui Toafa owns a food farm producing mainly taros, kapee, bananas, yams and develops market gardening to diversify its income. He also owns a pig farm.

Mickael produces tropical tubers, bananas and market gardening like Tui Toafa. He is recognized as one of the pioneers of regenerative agroforestry in the region.

Each was able to discuss their respective agricultural practices in order to understand them and to see how they can be mixed.

In one week, Mickael has met a total of 4 farmers who are part of the network of demonstration farms in agroecology PROTEGE of Wallis and Futuna. Beyond this goal of discovering and understanding WF's farms, he conducted training with the network of demonstration farms and agricultural technicians to jointly design a Wallisian model of regenerative agroforestry.

What's next?

Analyze and take the agroecological practices that operate in each farm in order to replicate them and spread them to the local network of Wallis and Futuna but, eventually, to the other 2 PROTEGE demonstration farm networks active in New Caledonia and French Polynesia and even beyond, in the Pacific.

Note: exchanges made in March 2021, news postponed due to the situation of COVID in Wallis and Futuna as well as in New Caledonia.


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