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Agriculture and forestry
 - 10 May 2021

Launch of the PROTEGE network of agroecology demonstration farms

Seven farmers from Wallis and Futuna (WF) are now members of the local network

It was a beautiful event that launched the kick off of the local network of demonstration farms in Wallis in March 2021.

7 farmers were selected by a call for expressions of interest from the Fisheries and Agriculture Services in Wallis and Futuna (DSA) to be part of the PROTEGE agroecology demonstration farm network in WF.

The network was launched in the presence of customary representatives, the DSA, the local press and the winning farmers.

Focus on the 7 farmers:

Men and women, young people and experienced farmers, located in Wallis as well as Futuna and representatives of various forms of farmers in agroecology, these 7 farmers each have the ambition to share their practices and take part in the reflection to improve the principles of agroecology on their farms.

The seeds of agroecology are planted...

The life of the network will enhance local know-how, innovations built with and by farmers and produce technical and economic data that will demonstrate that the agroecological transition is possible!

Note: news postponed due to COVID's situation in Wallis and New Caledonia

The network of demonstration farms in Wallis and Futuna is active.

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