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Agriculture and forestry
 - 03 June 2021

Agroforestry training courses for farmers on the Isle of Pines

Presentation and application on the field, in a demonstration farm in agroecology on the Isle of Pines.

As part of the training courses on agroforestry for farmers, training on agroforestry was conducted by Guillaume Vama and Mickael Sansoni (PROTEGE demonstration farms) on the Isle of Pines on the 6th and 7th of May.

The goal of this exchange was to share and discover agricultural practices of demonstration farms in agroecology.

This training brought together more than 20 people, representatives of the different clans, allowing a wide spread of the practices to the farmers of the island.

A very good momentum was created and the highly motivated farmers are eager to meet for the next training courses.

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